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The Information Economy is in full swing.

These are tough questions we explore and resolve with our clients...

A. Are you really prepared for the information shift, that has already occurred ? 

B. Do you have adequate Data Capabilities in place today ?

C. Are you generating commercial value from your Data Assets or your Data Capabilities   ?

D. Do you have the intellectual capital to unlock new value (Many don't even know the language or where to access pedigree knowledge) ?  

A. Are you really participating in the information shift, that has already occurred ?

Business users and consumers are challenging all channels, boundaries and expectations of how, when and where they consume (and create) information. This has already happened on an unpresendented scale, and shows no signs of slowing. There is significant change ahead.

B. Do you have adequate Data Capabilities ?

This exponential growth in information management challenges has eclipsed the data capabilities of many organisations, who struggle to coherently manage this fluid resource. Many organisations lack even the most basic foundations to manage existing data assets and cannot easily embrace new business models or data innovation.

C. Are you generating commercial value from your Data Assets or Data Capabilities ?

The intelligent and intentional management of your digital information assets are a key driver to creating extrordinary value on, or off, your balance sheet. Unlocking value from your data assets and data capabilities has become a new weapon in today's hyper-competitive market. Poor understanding, lack of awareness, lack of funding or lack of leadership engagement are no longer plausible excuses for some organisations who face existential threats. 

D. Do you have the intellectual capital to unlock new data value ?

Accessing proven methods and techniques to calculate, assess and invest in the right data technology is only available to the select few. Even knowing what to read, what is true, which methods are correct, what is legal and who to talk are all well guarded secrets in this brand new industry now referred to as "Infonomics".

We offer a counter-intuitive approach to our clients to coherently understand data assets as a new hyper-value generating asset class - from a business leadership point of view.

We offer a full suite of strategic and transformational data services that expose the most advanced data engineering, data technology, accounting, legal and licensing levers available to our clients.

Martin Spratt, Principal
  • Data Strategy - We author and execute sector leading Data Strategies in discrete industry verticals for our clients that deliver better omni-channel customer experiences, faster product development, higher quality data and  backoffice efficiencies, all aligned to business capabilites and new business opportunities.
  • Data Architecture - We teach, coach and deliver proven Data Architectures that pivot around Innovation and Value creation first, leveraging the latest in Cloud and Open Source data technologies, to fuel analytics AI innovation, linking business processes, people and technology components.
  • Data Innovation - We assemble, demonstrate and prove the latest technology to de-risk innovation, so our clients can make adapt+adopt investment decisions based on data techology that works. Ask for our case studies.
  • Data Governance - We publish and teach our world-class Information Value Framework that allows Data Governance regimes to be anchored in commercial reality, and driven by business leaders, not technocrats. Ask for a free copy.
  • Data Engineering - Our deep data engineering knowledge allows to solve critical data challenges such as Master Data Management, Data Modelling (Logical to Physical), Metadata capture, Data Quality metrics & regimes, Batch and Real-time API's and data streaming gateways, Database Engines and NoSQL eco-systems. Some of our prototypes and production deployments have won global acclaim as some of the fastest, largest and most resliant data solutions available.
  • Data Monetization -  We lead the world in our research, knowledge, coaching, methods and  software tools (like ClearDQ) to revalue intangible data assets and data capabilities on, or off, the balance sheet to improve the way our clients understand, prepare, consume and license data asset.
  • Data Regulations - Regulators globally and domestically are placing increased pressure on organisations to comply with new data privacy, data security and related data risk policies. We advise and advocate for clients with regulators, and help clients redefine regulatory data investments to create new value, making auditable compliance a by-product be default. (Platform announcement coming Summer 2019)
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